NEMA C-Face Brakes

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Popular SAB Motor Brakes

Your application deserves the best brake on the market.  Stearns SABs are powerful yet precise, all while offering simple installation and maintenance.

Wind Energy

56,000 Series SAB

Featuring adjustable torque, the 56,000 Series brake is great for high performance applications in a compact package.


87,000 Series SAB

One of our most versatile brakes, the 87,000 Series is found anywhere from general large machinery to US Navy ship applications.

Marine Equipment

82,000 Series SAB

Used widely around the globe, the 82,000 Series features self-adjusting capability and built-in temperature modulation systems.

A user-friendly brake with exceptional power.

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Whether your application is general purpose or highly hazardous, Stearns NEMA C-face SAB brakes provide excellent performance and easy maintenance.  Stearns is certified in RoHS & DFARS, REACH, and ISO 9001:2015 to offer compliant products meeting important regulatory standards.  With over 100 years in the power transmission industry, Stearns brings responsiveness, innovation, and reliability to each and every one of its products.  


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