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7EC Series: Electric Brake Calipers for NEMA Frame Mounting 444 - 445TC

Features & Benefits

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  • Replaceable friction pads and pucks for low cost maintenance 
  • High torque capacity ─ exceeds range of NEMA & IEC frame motor brakes
  • Simple, low-maintenance installation 
    • Electric operation eliminates the hydraulic/pneumatic components 
    • Maintenance - associated with typical non-electric caliper brakes
  • Low cost ─ in comparison to typical caliper brakes that require hydraulic or pneumatic systems

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NEMA C-Frame 444 - 445TC
Torque (lb-ft) 1500 - 2250
Torque (Nm) 2034 - 3050
Attributes 2 pc sheet metal housing, Non Drive End
Additional Options IP 23, 54

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