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stearns 82000 sab for wind energy

Motor Brakes

Used to stop and/or hold the motor and its driven load. We offer spring set electrically released brakes (power off or fail safe) and power engaged spring released brakes.          

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stearns black power transmission clutch


Used to transmit torque mechanically. We offer electromagnetic clutches and brakes that are electrically engaged spring release or spring engaged electrically released.

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stearns marine sinpac switches

Electronic Start Switches

Used to provide a reliable option for switching of the start circuit in single phase motors.


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Why Choose Stearns Brakes?

Stearns offers a comprehensive line of standard and special AC and DC industrial brakes and clutches. With over 100 years of design and manufacturing experience, Stearns has built a solid reputation for quality, commitment to customer satisfaction and superior reliability.

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Agricultural equipment in use


onboard oil rig at sea

Gas and Oil

onboard cargo ship in harbor