IVR solid state switch for capacitor start capacitor run motors and instant reversing

IVR SINPAC® Switches for Capacitor Start Capacitor Run Motors

Features & Benefits

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  • Our solid-state switch is superior to mechanical switches
  • Extends the life and reliability of the motor, especially for high-cycling or “dirty” environments
  • Fast and easy to install and replace mechanical switches
  • Sealed, spark-free switch for challenging environments
  • Our parts work for a variety of motor manufacturers
  • Capacitor Start & Run, and Instant Reversing
  • A few SINPAC® switches sizes replace dozens of mechanical switches

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Max Motor HP (Typical) 3
Switch Rating 25, 40 Amp
Start Circuit 115V

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explain the breakdown of the switch part number?

The 12 digit part number that begins with 4-7 is broken down and explained on page 5 of the SINPAC Catalog.

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What is the duty cycle SINPAC switches can operate at?

This is dependent on actual switch used, current draw, ambient temperature, and time the switch is engaged - e.g., 3S or 1/2S. CV and VR switches have been tested at 2-3 cycles per minute under normal conditions. IR switches have been tested at 1 cycle per minute under normal conditions.

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Why won't my SINPAC switch work with my motor?

Reference the Stearns SINPAC Catalog, and assure that the proper switch has been selected based on Motor Horsepower, Motor Start Circuit voltage, full load motor amps, and proper cut-out voltage.

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