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Can Stearns brakes be mounted in a vertical orientation?

Yes. Some models require the brake to be slightly modified from the standard horizontal orientation. For vertical installations, please advise Stearns if the brake will be installed above or below the motor. Stearns will provide any required modifications.

What are the motor mounting options for Stearns brakes?

Stearns brakes can be mounted in a variety of ways.

  • Close coupled - Mounting directly to the back (often referred to as the "non-drive" or "accessory" end) of the motor
  • Brakes can mount to the fan guards on the back of the motor
  • Double C-Face Coupler - Brakes that mount to the drive end of the motor, between a C-Face motor and C-Face gearbox
  • Foot Mount - Floor stands are also available to support this brake

Can Stearns brakes be foot-mounted?

Yes. We have standard models and floor stand kits for standard Solenoid Actuated Brakes (SAB).  Please refer to catalog pages 48-49 and 98.

Do AAB brakes require any modifications for vertical mounting?

No modifications are required to mount a Stearns Armature Actuated style Brake in a vertical application. Stearns AAB style brakes are single disc brakes and can be universally orientated with no modifications required.