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 Air & Water Pressure Switches for Compressors & Pumps

Solid State Electric Motor Starter Switches for Industrial Applications

Many industries using air compressors and water pumps depend on equipment uptime to optimize efficiency. Stearns offers a line of electronic starting switches that deliver improved single-phase motor performance and reliability, even in harsh environments, thanks to high resistance to moisture, dust, vibrations and shock. Our industrial pressure switches also filter out electrical noise and are able to operate in areas susceptible to brownouts or low voltage.

Stearns SINPAC switches are designed to fit both new and legacy compressor and pump motors for seamless OEM integration, easy installation and simplified assembly. Replacing a mechanical or centrifugal switch with one of our solid-state switches helps keep compressors and pumps moving, with fewer moving parts.

Types of Switches for Commercial Compressors & Pumps

Stearns’ SINPAC switches are durable and ideal for applications involving single phase AC electric motors with consistent switching on and off of start circuits, such as those found in industrial air compressors and water pumps. Pressure switch types include:

All SINPAC switches are accepted by motor manufacturers and UL recognized (file E71115).

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Pressure switches for Electrically Driven Compressors & Pumps

Mechanical pressure switches are prone to problems such as fatigue, contamination, corrosion and vibration that can lead to inconsistency in motor performance. Our pressure switches are the answer to reducing production downtime in many different compressor and pump applications, including:

Find a Motor Switch for Commercial Compressors & Pumps

SINPAC CV air compressor pressure switch


SINPAC 2CV water pump pressure switch


SINPAC IR air pressure switch for air compressor


SINPAC IVR industrial pressure switch


SINPAC VR solid state pressure switch


SINPAC 2VR hazardous air pressure switch


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