Servo Motor Brakes

Servo motor brakes are a type of armature actuated brake (AAB). Stearns armature actuated brakes are spring-set, electrically released, friction devices, which develop holding and braking torque in the absence of electrical power. This type of brake can decelerate and hold a rotational load or can be ordered to provide a holding function only, where the motor is used as the dynamic brake.

Servo motor brakes are available to meet a wide range of braking requirements with the option of custom design and modifications.

armature actuated servo motor brake AAB 310 series for holding only applications

AAB 310 Series

  • Frame Size: 1.79 - 5.0
  • Torque (lb-in): 8 - 350
  • Nm: .9 - 39.5
  • Enclosure: None - Open brake

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compact high torque servo motor brake AAB 311 for holding-only applications

AAB 311 Series

  • Frame Size: 3.38 - 5.0
  • Torque (lb-in): 75 - 400
  • Nm: 8 - 45
  • Enclosure: None - Open brake

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How to Choose a Servo Motor Brake

Stearns provides servo motor brakes for holding-only applications. 

To determine the right type of servo motor brake, consider: 

Types of Servo Motor Brakes

There are three different types of servo motor brakes depending on application requirements:

How Servo Motor Brakes Work

Stearns offers power-off, spring-set brakes for servo motor applications for system requirements that demand low inertia and high speed operations. Here’s how servo motor brakes function: 

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Use Cases for Servo Motor Brakes

Servo motor brakes are often used in vertical-axis applications and are used in various marine, mining brakes and encoder brake applications including spring-set electrically released armature actuated brake series 310 and 311. 

Benefits of Stearns Servo Motor Brakes

Stearns servomotor brakes offer a compact spring set, power-off brake, designed to hold the driven load or to provide dynamic braking. Servo motor brakes from Stearns deliver high torque in a compact package for servo and stepper motor applications. 


Easy Maintenance

Servo motor brake cleaning, realignment and load testing is easy with Stearns servo motor brakes due to quick disassembly and seamless wire disconnection.

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