How to Search for an Obsolete Coil Part at Stearns


Brake Coils & Replacement Kits

Whether standard or obsolete, we provide replacements for all makes and models of industrial brakes. 

In order to increase availability and ease-of-selection, Stearns is replacing both Class 130(B) molded and Class 180(H) encapsulated insulation systems with a high-quality UL listed Class H insulation system composed of composite polymer.

Properly identify the replacement kit number you need to order or search for your current coil part number's equivalent match:

Motion Control Application

Coil Strength and Designed Temperature Rise2

  • Designed Temperature Rise1
  • 3 - Class 130 (B)
  • 4 - Class 130 (B)
  • 7 - Class 180 (H)

Assuming coil is energized continuously and operating in an ambient temperature <40 degrees C ; Relative for each coil size

Coil Type3

  • 1 = AC Single Voltage
  • 2 = AC Dual Voltage
  • 3 = AC Dual Frequency

Voltage3 (60Hz 1 VAC)

  • Character Wiring Configurations
  • AA100
  • BB115
  • CC120
  • DD132
  • EE200
  • FF230
  • GG240
  • HH264
  • II330
  • JJ380
  • KK400
  • LL460
  • MM498
  • NN575
  • OO264
  • PP230
  • QQ460
  • RR400
  • SS575

Why is this change being made?

By simplifying the product line, we are standardizing the overall design and enhancing ease-of-selection and insulation. As a result, the coil will depend only on the size of the brake, making it simple to find the right solution.

What change is being made and how will it affect me?

Class B molded and Class H encapsulated insulation systems will be discontinued and replaced by a UL listed, class H insulation system composed of a molded composite polymer. This will increase robustness, reliability, and temperature rise.

Will I still be able to purchase old coil part numbers?

Some applications may have direct models available while others require further review of the brake model. Please contact your local sales representative for more information regarding purchasing/repurchasing.

Is there an impact on performance?

The performance of the new part numbers will exceed the old. Our high-temperature and high-cycling coils will be able to withstand higher temperatures and the engineered polymer increases the reliability of the coil and its overall rating.

How do I know what new parts are compatible with the coils I've used in the past?

Refer to the table above to find your compatible coil and new kit number. For further inquiries, please contact your local sales representative.

Are industrial coils impacted by this change?

No, not at this time.

What is the new coil operating range?

The new coil operating range is +/- 10% of the coil's nominal voltage.