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braking systems used in mining conveyors

MOTOR Brakes & Clutches for Mining Equipment

Dynamic Stopping & Holding for Mining Applications

The mining industry’s number one priority is providing safety to its workers while they take on hazardous tasking requirements and endure chemically harsh working conditions. That’s why motor manufacturers choose mining equipment brakes from Stearns. Our reliable self-adjusting brakes improve operational efficiency for pillar mining processes including mineral extraction, handling and processing (both below ground and on the surface), leading to lower overall maintenance costs and increased day-to-day safety.

MSHA Certified Mining Brakes

Stearns was the first motor brake industry leader to offer a line of Division 1 hazardous location brakes and we are the only manufacturer to offer Division 2 hazardous location brakes. In addition, Stearns is the only manufacturer to produce electric safety brakes that are in compliance with and certified by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). MSHA approves and certifies products for use in underground coal and gassy mines to ensure operator safety and equipment integrity in case of an explosion or fire.

Types of Motor Brakes for the Mining Industry

Stearns high-performance explosion-proof brakes for motors cater to a wide range of hazardous working conditions characteristic of mining operations without sacrificing reliability or equipment downtime.Our spring-set electrically-released mining brakes automate processes with zero-emission motors to protect the safety and well-being of miners. Types of mining equipment brakes include:

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Mining CLUTCHES & Brake SystemS

Stearns provides end-to-end braking solutions for mining equipment used in surface mining and a variety of underground mining operations including: room and pillar mining, retreat mining and blast mining. We supply spring-set safety brakes for mine elevators, clutches and brakes for rotary blasthole drills as well as motor brakes for a wide range of mining equipment including:

Find Mining Equipment Brakes & Clutches

MSHA certified brake for mining equipment

MSHA Brake

AAB 33 Series mine hoist brake

AAB 33 Series NEMA

AAB 330 Series mining braking system

AAB 33 Series Metric

Heavy-Duty clutch Series SCEB for mining crusher

Clutch SCEB

SAB 56,000 Series motor brake for mine elevator

AAB 350 Series Metric

AAB 361 Series motor brake for ore loader

AAB 360 Series Metric

SAB 56,000 Series motor brake for face drills used in mining applications

SAB 56,000 Series

SAB 56,800 Series motor brake for mine winch

SAB 56,800 Series

SAB 65,300 Series motor brake for ball mills used in mining operations

SAB 65,300 Series

SAB 82,000 Series motor brake for hammer mills used in mining operations

SAB 82,300 Series

SAB 82,000 Series motor brake for mining conveyor

SAB 82,300 Series Foot Mounted

SAB 87,000 Series motor brake for mining equipment

SAB 87,000 Series

SAB 87,300 Series motor brake for machinery used in mining operations

SAB 87,300 Series Foot Mounted

SAB 87,300 Series motor brake for mining braking systems

SAB 87,300 Series

SAB 87,800 Series motor brake for shuttle car used in mining operations

SAB 87,800 Series

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