Hazardous/Explosion Proof

Electric fail-safe motor brakes are ideal for industrial environments that require elevated levels of fire protection and explosion prevention.

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Division 1 Brakes for Hazardous Locations

Division 1 is a normally hazardous location. Division 1 brakes can be used in both Division 1 and Division 2 types of locations.

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Stearns Coupler Brakes

Division 2 Brakes for Hazardous Locations

Division 2 is normally not hazardous. Division 2 can be used in Division 2 environments ONLY.

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The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) approves and certifies products for use in underground coal and gassy mines to ensure that they do not cause a fire or explosion.

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Explosion-Proof & Hazardous Duty Motor Brakes  

Use Cases for C-Face Explosion-Proof Motor Brakes

NEMA C-face explosion-proof motor brakes, also referred to as, “hazardous location brakes,” are a type of disc brake that attach to a standard NEMA C-face motor and are commonly used in rigorous industrial settings and harsh environments with dangerous operating conditions including: power plants, petrochemical facilities, coal mines, and oil refineries.

How do Fail-Safe Motor Brakes Work? 

Without the ability to automatically stops an engine’s drive when electrical power abruptly stops or fails, workers are subjected to hazardous situations that may cause death or serious injury.

NEMA C-face fail-safe motor brakes are  in line with mine safety regulations and are designed with an automatic spring that promotes an immediate response in the event that an engineering failure takes place, an engine cuts out, or power source becomes interrupted. This promotes a safe work environment while keeping employees and neighboring equipment out of the harm’s way.

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Agriculture | Cement & Aggregate | Crane & Hoist | Food & Beverage | Forestry, Forklifts | Gas & Oil | Marine | Material HandlingMining | Water Processing

Products Similar to Explosion-Proof C-Face Brakes

For corrosion-resistant C-face brakes for offshore and military applications such as shipboard cranes, anchor winches, and windlasses, find marine duty motor brakes that are designed, produced, and distributed in line with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and NEMA governing standards for marine electrical equipment.

Stearns manufactures all-purpose, spring-set NEMA C-Face brakes that are offered from 56C to 256TC/UC sizes that mount directly to standard C-face motors and gear reducers making them ideal for a variety of common industrial applications that require conveyor belts, pumps, compressors and more. 

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