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parking and emergency stopping brakes for electric forklifts

Electric Motor Brakes for Forklifts

Auto-Parking & Emergency Stopping for Class 1-3 Electric Forklifts

One of the biggest challenges faced by forklift manufacturers and other material handling companies is long periods of equipment downtime and the negative impact it has on production output—that’s why they strive to produce forklifts with a dependable, ergonomic design. By partnering with Stearns, forklift manufacturers are granted 360-degree access to our team of expert equipment engineers to collaborate and customize long-lasting forklift brakes so forklift operators can work safely and productively.

Safe Forklift Braking at Full Load, Full Speed & Max Grade

Whether a forklift must operate in high-temperature applications or requires a safe design that’s built to last—our line of forklift equipment brakes are designed to meet the specific needs of every forklift OEM and operator. Our spring-set armature actuated brakes require electricity to release, so in the event of a power or operator failure, the forklift will automatically brake and hold.

Types of Forklift Brakes

Stearns provides two-wheel brakes to fit a range of forklift sizes and enable dynamic braking and parking of fully loaded units with minimal noise.

We offer a full range of designs offering high torque density. Our modifiable design is strong enough for an 8,000-lb rider or a walking pallet jack. We can also accommodate unique and limiting footprints with custom designs to meet the needs of 3- or 4-wheel counterbalance trucks and more.

Forklift Brake Features

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Brake System Solutions for WAREHOUSE Lifting Equipment

Stearns provides end-to-end braking solutions for commercial warehouse applications and other job sites that require frequent lifting of heavy loads. Forklifts and other heavy-duty lifting equipment typically play a key role in the construction, manufacturing and freight logistics sectors.

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Thin profile forklift brake

Thin Profile Brake

AAB 321 Series forklift parking brake

AAB 321 Series

AAB 322 Series forklift parking brake

AAB 322 Series

AAB 333 Series forklift brake

AAB 333 Series

AAB 370 Series brake

AAB 370 Series

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