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commercial washing machines that use motor start switches

Commercial Laundry Switches

Solid State Electric Motor Starter Switches for Laundromat Washers & Dryers

For laundromats, equipment uptime has a direct impact on revenue. Our electric starting switches support optimal performance and efficiency for commercial laundry washing machines and dryers with a flexible design manufactured to fit both new and existing motors. Compared to the typical mechanical or centrifugal switch, Stearns SINPAC switches make motors more reliable despite harsh operating environments including moisture, dust, shock or vibration.

Electronic Switches for Commercial Laundry Machines & Manufacturers

Stearns motor start switches help control a wide range single phase motor industrial switch system applications that exist in laundromats, apartment buildings, hotels, healthcare facilities, gyms and fitness centers, cruise lines, military bases, commercial laundry service providers and more.

We supply commercial duty washer and dryer OEMs (and subsystem suppliers) with reliable new or replacement starter switches. Our SINPAC switches are compatible with all commercial laundry equipment brands including Speed Queen, Maytag, Whirlpool, UniMac, Wascomat, Miele, Electrolux, Pellerin, Huebsch, Cissel and many others.

All switches are single phase AC motor (SINPAC) electric start switches and are ideal for any motor that frequently switches on and off from the start circuit. Our switches are cadmium-free and non-sparking, which extends motor life.

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Commercial Laundry Equipment Solutions

Stearns provides 360-degree SINPAC motor start switch solutions for commercial laundry equipment to reduce downtime and minimize run-time costs.

Find an Industrial Switch Part for a Washing Machine or Dryer Unit

SINPAC CV dryer start switch


SINPAC 2CV washing machine switch


SINPAC IR washter switch


SINPAC IVR commercial laundry switch


SINPAC VR dryer start switch


SINPAC 2VR washing machine switch


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