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Electric Motor Brakes for Specialty Vehicle Equipment

Spring-Set Armature Actuated Brakes for Stopping & Holding

The specialty vehicle market faces the constant challenge of ensuring 100 percent safety for operators while supporting efficient and reliable equipment performance. As a trusted partner in the specialty vehicle space, Stearns offers a sophisticated line of motor brakes that advances the mechanical integrity of electric motors used to perform diverse tasks in specialty vehicles like utility service trucks, as well as vehicle-mounted equipment such as snow plows. While specialty vehicles use combustion engines for propulsion, they also use electric motors to power on-board equipment including hydraulic pumps, winch motors, side loaders, wheelchair lifts and even electric actuators for adjustable mirrors.

Ensuring Electric Motor Safety Braking in Specialty Vehicles

Stearns armature actuated brakes (AAB) are ideal for the types of electric motors found in specialty vehicles because they're spring set and electrically released. This means in the event of power loss or operator failure, the brakes automatically engage and hold.

Our AAB brakes enable dynamic braking with minimal noise and come in a full range of designs offering high torque density. We can also modify brake design to accommodate specialty vehicles with unique or limiting application requirements.

Types of Spring-Set Brakes for Specialty Vehicles

Stearns’ electric motor brakes for specialty vehicle applications ensure optimal safety and efficiency for all lifting, loading and unloading of mechanical equipment or cargo, as well as durability and efficiency in high-cycle applications such as door operation, conveyor motors and robotic arms. Brake types include:

Our 33X Series brakes are available for NEMA C-Face or metric mount motors. Features found in all Stearns armature actuated brakes include class H magnet wire coils, corrosion resistance and standard carrier friction disc.

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Specialty Vehicle Motor Brake Solutions

Stearns provides dependable braking solutions for equipment found on specialized trucks (fire trucks, aircraft deicing trucks, street sweepers) and a wide range of commercial utility vehicles used in construction and facility maintenance scenarios, including:

Explore brake options below or contact the Stearns engineering team to request design modification or customization to meet your application specifications.

Find a Specialty Vehicle Equipment Brake

AAB 321 Series motor brake for aerial equipment on specialty vehicle

AAB 321 Series Metric

AAB 322 Series motor brake for hydraulic lift system on specialty vehicle

AAB 322 Series Metric

AAB 322 Series motor brake for door operation system on specialty vehicle

AAB 33 Series NEMA

AAB 330 Series motor brake for satellite dish retraction and deployment mechanism on specialty vehicle

AAB 33 Series Metric


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