Special Vehicle Market

Brakes for Commercial & Industrial Specialty Vehicle Motors

The Advantage of Partnering with Stearns

The specialty vehicle market faces the constant challenge of ensuring 100 percent safety for its occupiers while supporting long-lasting equipment performance. As a trusted partner in the specialty vehicle space, Stearns offers a sophisticated line of
motor brakes that advances the mechanical integrity of the motor and protects valuable engines from incurring unnecessary maintenance-related costs.

Types of Spring-Set Brakes for Specialty Vehicle Motors

Stearns’ electric motor brakes for specialty vehicle applications ensure optimal safety and efficiency for all lifting, loading and unloading of mechanical equipment or cargo while preventing aerial lift-tip overs and eliminating risk for large truck collisions on the road.

Specialty Vehicle Brake System Solutions

Stearns provides sustainable end-to-end braking solutions for large truck bodies including: commercial utility vehicles, aerial
equipment attachments used in construction and facility maintenance scenarios, and modes of transportation required for
topographically challenging areas with variable elevation.

AAB 322 Series

C-Face 33 Series

AAB 330 Series

Metric / IEC 33 Series