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 Crane & Hoist Motor Brakes

Dynamic Braking & Holding for Crane Systems

As ship-to-shore cranes and container crane braking systems continue to grow in size, motors must continuously contend with the increased loading capacities and speeds. Crane motors, power transmission parts and crane braking systems must meet the strenuous demands of minimal downtime under harsh environments that hoists, cranes and winches operate in to guarantee safe working conditions and efficient operational standards.

The Advantage of Partnering with Stearns

That’s why motor manufacturers trust Stearns brakes. They know that our brakes are built to withstand common challenges that arise out of demanding conditions such as excessive wear, realignment issues, damaged electrification systems and degradation of parts, in order to be able to safely assist in the loading and unloading of material goods across global markets.

Types of Crane & Hoist Brakes

The below brake types help control a wide range of overhead crane applications that exist in shipping ports, railways, warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, processing plants and many other industrial applications:

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crane Brake Systems Solutions

Stearns provides 360-degree braking solutions for crane, hoist and winch applications to lower the risk of injury or equipment damage when working with various types of EOT cranes including:

Brake Configurator
Coil Converter

Find Motor Brakes for Cranes, Hoists & Winches

*Brakes marked with an asterisk are also suitable for marine applications (when properly equipped with IP rating and paint/primer for water and corrosion resistance).

AAB 330 Series motor brake

AAB 330 Series

AAB 350 Series motor brake

AAB 350 Series

AAB 361 Series motor brake

AAB 361 Series

SAB 48,100 Series disc brake

SAB 48,100 Series

SAB 56,000 Series disc brake

SAB 56,000 Series*

SAB 81,000 Series industrial brake

SAB 81,000 Series*

SAB 82,000 Series industrial brake

SAB 82,000 Series*

SAB 86,000 Series brake

SAB 86,000 Series*

SAB 87,000 Series brake

SAB 87,000 Series*

Crane Brake Parts

Replacement parts for Stearns crane brakes are readily available from our distribution partners. Use the Stearns brake model number and serial number (on the nameplate) to identify the brake. View or download the parts list for crane and hoist brakes by visiting our Resource Library and selecting “Install/Service/Partslist” from the Document Type menu.

Selecting a Braking System for a Crane Hoist

Overhauling loads, such as a crane hoist, have two torque requirements. The first requirement is the braking torque required to stop the load, and the second requirement is the torque required to hold the load at rest. The sum of these requirements is considered when selecting a brake for an overhauling load.

The dynamic braking torque required to stop the trolley crane and load can be determined by one of two methods: determine the equivalent inertia of the linearly moving crane and load, then calculate the dynamic braking torque; or determine the dynamic braking torque directly.

Descending Loads

Applications with a descending load, such as power lowered crane, hoist or elevator loads, require a brake with sufficient torque to both stop the load, and hold it at rest. Overhauling loads at rest still experience load movement due to the effect of gravity. Therefore, brake torque must be larger than the overhauling torque in order to stop and hold the load. If brake torque is equal to or less than the overhauling torque, there is no net torque available for stopping a descending load.

Care should be exercised in properly selecting a brake giving due consideration to torque as well as environment and thermal requirements. For help selecting the appropriate Stearns brake for your crane and hoist application, contact technical support.