NEMA C-Face Brakes

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) defines basic design and dimension parameters based on the industry standards.

Stearns C-face general purpose brakes

General Purpose NEMA C-Face Motor Brakes

General purpose brakes are designed for mechanical loads and hard-to-start high inertia loads. They are commonly used on conveyors, belt-driven equipment, machine tools, pumps, compressors, etc.

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Stearns Marine Duty Brakes

Marine, Maritime & Navy Brakes

Marine, maritime and Navy duty brakes are designed to meet the highest levels of corrosion resistance and performance. They are commonly used on various marine applications for offshore and military applications such as shipboard cranes, anchor winches, windlasses, etc.

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Stearns Hazardous/Explosion Proof Brakes

Hazardous/Explosion Proof

Stearns manufactures a complete line of disc brakes designed from the hazardous locations defined in the National Electric Code (NEC). They provide protection from explosive gases or ignitable dusts in rigorous industrial environments.

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What are NEMA C-Face Brakes? 

NEMA C-face brakes are designed to allow for direct mounting with coupled equipment. NEMA brakes are used in various applications including material handling, marine, mining and other hazardous applications. 

Why Stearns?

Stearns is the only supplier of MSHA certified motor brakes - MSHA approved and certified these products for use in underground coal and gassy mines. 

Find a Stearns NEMA C-Face Brake by Industry

Our NEMA C-face brake selection includes both solenoid actuated brakes and armature actuated brakes.

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