Metric Mount Brakes

Metric mount armature actuated brakes (AABs) are available in a wide range of metric frame sizes and torques to accomodate most industrial applications.


General Purpose Metric Mounted Motor Brakes

General purpose brakes are designed for mechanical loads and hard-to-start high inertia loads. They are commonly used on conveyors, belt-driven equipment, machine tools, pumps, compressors, etc.

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Stearns Metric Mount Motor Brake Uses

Metric mount motor brakes are designed for high performance and are a direct drop in for KEB, Lenze / Intorq and Pintsch brakes. They are used in various agriculture, elevator, material handling, mining and packaging applications including general purpose and non-drive end brakes. Shop our quiet series, thin profile and armature actuated brake series. Metric mount motor brakes are designed to work for conveyors, belt-driven equipment, pumps, compressors and machine tools.


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