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Wastewater Treatment System BRAKEs

Corrosion-Resistant Safety Brakes for Equipment Used in Harsh Environments

Water treatment facilities need equipment suppliers able to ensure safe working conditions for plant engineers and maintenance crews while providing optimal flow control. Stearns’ line of electric motor brakes resist the corrosion and damage characteristic of operations involved in the mass screening and sanitation of fluids. Wastewater treatment equipment manufacturers can rely on Stearns safety brakes to perform reliably and promote a safe work environment whether the equipment is used in municipal, industrial, wastewater or stormwater treatment plants.

Types of Brakes Used in Water Processing Equipment

Stearns high-performance motor brakes involved in water processing are used in equipment designed for the removal of sticks, trash, plastics, sand, silt, grit, toxic chemicals and other types of contaminants. Our brakes are designed to be low maintenance to maximize equipment uptime while minimizing potential for repairs, replacements or slow processing times.

Stearns brakes are an ideal fit for a wide range of water treatment machinery due to specific features developed by our engineering team, including: 

Power-Off Safety
Our power-off motor brakes are spring-engaged and electrically released. In the event that a power source becomes interrupted or an engine cuts out, the brakes immediately engage. This protects both worker safety and neighboring equipment.

Multiple Mounting Options
We offer wastewater equipment brakes that can be mounted close coupled directly to the motor and fan guard mount, foot mount, or vertically mounted. This flexibility ensures brakes can be positioned in the most efficient and practical location for brake performance and maintenance. Universal mounting also makes our brakes compatible with a wider range of machinery, making installation and equipment upgrades more cost effective.

Ease of Installation
Stearns brakes are designed to be easy to install for simplified assembly and seamless OEM integration, making them a cost-effective component for wastewater treatment equipment manufacturers.

ABS Type Approval Certified
ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) approval means the motor brake is safe and reliable for use in marine and offshore applications. Certification involves not only brake testing but a review of the manufacturing process to ensure consistent high standards. This independent verification is important for risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, safety and reliability.

UL Type 4 Enclosure
UL Type 4 brake enclosures are watertight and dust-tight.

IP 56 Rated Enclosure
We offer wastewater equipment brakes with an optional IP 56 rating against dust and water ingress.

These brake features are not exhaustive - the product specifications for each brake type listed below detail additional attributes. 

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Water Processing Brake System Solutions

Stearns provides end-to-end braking solutions for wastewater treatment applications catering to screening and cleaning equipment used in facilities ranging from decentralized water processing systems needed in small communities to larger scale wastewater plants serving more densely populated urban areas. Our brakes are used in a variety of water processing equipment, including:

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SAB 56,800 Series wastewater treatment system brake

SAB 56,800 Series

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SAB 65,300 Series

SAB 87,300 Series water processing eqiupment brake

SAB 87,300 Series

SAB 87,800 Series comminutor motor brake

SAB 87,800 Series

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