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Forestry Equipment Brakes for Logging & Timber Harvesting Applications

The Advantage of Partnering with Stearns

Companies that manufacture paper and forest products need part suppliers that understand the challenges of managing and maintaining rigorous manufacturing processes while remaining committed to environmental responsibility.

Stearns offers a breadth of energy efficient brakes that are capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions and prevent foresting machinery damage from natural elements such as wind, dust, snow and extreme tropical heat.

Stearns also goes above and beyond the standard forestry brake product offering. We partner with our customers to help them achieve their operational goals by aligning them with the proper equipment brake types and provide custom-engineered solutions with varying technologies allowing foresting commodities to sustain a competitive edge needed to dominate their space.

Types of Forestry Motor Brakes

Electrically-released foresting equipment brakes support the start and stopping motion for heavy-duty forestry machinery such that aid in rapid tree cutting, transporting logs, shredding vegetation and post-harvest load carrying.

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Forestry Brake System Solutions

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Stearns provides end-to-end braking solutions for commercial forestry applications to eliminate serious challenges across a
variety of equipment (see below) including: aging machinery and unsustainable use of waste material.

Find Motor Brakes for Forestry Equipment

AAB 322 Series

C-Face 33 Series

AAB 330 Series

Metric / IEC 33 Series

SAB 56,000 Series

SAB 56,000 Series 

SAB 82,000 Series

SAB 82,000 Series

SAB 87,000 Series

SAB 87,000 Series