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Brakes & Clutches for Medical Equipment

The Advantage of Partnering with Stearns

The healthcare industry continues to evolve its technology in order to provide the best possible outcomes for its patients while ensuring overall quality of life through faster testing that allows for early detection, more accurate diagnosis and highly tailored treatment goals that point toward a healthier life.

For over 100 years, we at Stearns have understood that it is essential for the equipment in any hospital or clinic to be at peak performance when in use by doctors, nurses, surgeons and other medical personnel. In order to offer a 360 degree level of care, healthcare institutions partner with Stearns for the day-to-day use of reliable and efficient medical equipment parts through our advanced line of medical equipment motor brakes and clutches.

Types of Motor Brakes for the Medical Industry

Stearns’ high-performance medical equipment brakes are easy to clean, made out of highly corrosion-resistant parts and operate with minimal downtime making them an ideal fit for a variety of exam types catering to a range of patient populations.

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Medical Brake System Solutions

Use Brake Configurator
Use Coil Converter

Stearns provides end-to-end braking solutions for medical equipment that keeps patient’s safety intact while eliminating high
long-term operating expenses caused by the avoidance of continuous brake part damage and replacement.

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AAB 322 Series

Small Gear 32 Series


SAB 56,000 Series