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Brakes & Clutches for Medical Equipment

Spring-Set Power-Off Brakes & Clutches for Healthcare Applications

From MRI and CT scanners to patient lifts and power wheelchairs, Stearns motor brakes are used in a variety of medical equipment and devices. Precise, quiet and reliable, our brakes and clutches ensure that medical equipment performs as designed for end users. Our components are also designed to be cost-effective, easy to install and low maintenance for simplified assembly and seamless OEM integration.

Additional benefits of our high-performance medical equipment brakes include:

As healthcare technology evolves, Stearns engineers support medical equipment manufacturers with brake and clutch recommendations from our standard catalog, as well as custom solutions meeting the requirements of your specific application. Contact us online to customize a brake or request new application support from our team. 

Types of Motor Brakes for the Medical Industry

Stearns’ high-performance medical equipment brakes are an ideal fit for a variety of healthcare applications due to specific features developed by our engineering team.

Ultra-Quiet Technology
Dampening o-rings and a unique hub design reduce operating noise and quiet the clicking and clanking associated with typical brake setting and releasing. Brake noise is reduced to a level that is barely audible.

Unique Enclosure
Our AAB 321 and 322 Series brakes have an integrated housing design that keeps the brake coil cool for a longer lifespan. The enclosure is also designed to keep elements out, to help decrease contaminants.

Out-of-Box Torque
Our small gear motor brakes offer maximum stopping power immediately, eliminating the need for a burnishing process. This is key for demanding medical applications where high stopping force is crucial. Bypassing burnishing also means less wear-and-tear and cleaner brake operation.

Compact Package
Stearns offers highly precise and reliable motor brakes that deliver high performance in a compact and lightweight package, making them perfect for medical equipment and devices which often have exacting spacial restrictions.

Power-Off Safety
Stearns power-off brakes are spring-engaged and electrically released. The ability to develop holding and braking torque in the absence of electrical power is critical for MRI and CT scanners, as even the smallest electrical current can compromise image quality.

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Stearns provides end-to-end braking solutions for medical equipment with an emphasis on reliable performance and patient safety, with minimal-wear components and dependable emergency braking in the event of a power failure. Our braking products are used in a wide range of medical equipment, including:

Our small gear motor brakes are also ideal for many types of equipment used in automated pharmaceutical manufacturing and laboratory equipment, as well as dental X-ray units.

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