Bulletin 410

How do I find my list price? 

  • Enter the Stearns part number
  • Use this number when requesting a quote from our distribution partners.

If no part number is found:

  1. Reference the best practices listed below
  2. Utilize Bulleting 410B to configure a new part numer
  3. Contact customer service

Estimated Lead Times

Lead times are estimates for low volume standard catalog SAB brakes.  Actual ship dates are confirmed at time of order based upon current material status and production capacity.  Any brake that is all numeric is a custom brake and requires contacting factory for lead time.

Download Bulletin 410B

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Best Practices For Searching Stearns Part Numbers

  • Enter part numbers less dash: 1-056-031-00-BQF enter as 105603100BQF 
  • What if my part number does not come up?
    1. Many times a 0(Zero) and letter O get confused.
      • 1087031H0EQF is a good number because 9th digit is a zero
      • 1087031HOEQF is not a valid number because 9th digit was entered as a letter O
    2. Also letters O and Q get confused as well.
      • Letter Q in the 11th position of part number calls out 230/460 vac 60 hz coil voltage
      • Letter O in the 11th position of part number calls out 110/220 vac 50 hz coil voltage