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Elevator Motor Brakes for Vertical Lifting Systems

The Advantage of Partnering with Stearns

Elevator manufacturers are the experts at resolving the physical, mechanical, and technical challenges that make getting around more innovative, comfortable and safe.

Stearns aims at making the challenges a little easier by offering a breadth of products that provide optimal security and uptime.

As elevator manufacturers look to provide that next level of design, innovation, comfort and safety to the everyday passenger, Stearns is vested in helping maintain their competitive edge. We have developed several brakes for the elevator industry, most
specifically our quiet brake to assure an enjoyable and safe experience for passengers.

Types of Elevator Brake Applications

Since band brakes aren’t allowed in residential or commercial elevator systems, the below brake types help ensure holding the elevator car in place when passengers board and exit and immediate stopping of the elevator car during an emergency while providing smooth up-and-down vertical movement.

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elevator Brake System Solutions

Use Brake Configurator
Use Coil Converter

Stearns provides end-to-end braking solutions for commercial, construction, and residential elevator and stair lift applications
to ensure fast, quiet and reliable movement during operation and to prevent hazardous rider conditions in the event of a power

Find Motor Brakes for Elevators & Stairlifts

Quiet Brake

Quiet Brake

AAB 320 Series

C-Face AAB 32 Series

AAB 322 Series

Small Gear 32 Series

AAB 33 Series

C-Face 33 Series

AAB 330 Series

Metric / IEC 33 Series

SAB 48,100 Series

SAB 48,100 Series

SAB 56,000 Series

SAB 56,000 Series

Quiet Brake

SAB 81,000 Series

Quiet Brake

SAB 82,000 Series

SAB 87,000 Series

SAB 87,000 Series