Power-On Shaft-Mounted Clutches

Thru-shaft mounted unit with bearing supported stationary field. Provides clutching function for two parallel shafts when sheave or sprocket is installed.

CCC clutch-clutch coupling for coupling two in-line shafts together

CCC Clutch-Clutch Coupling

  • Mode of Operation: Power ON
  • Static Torque (lb-ft): 5 - 145
  • Horsepower: 1/20th to 7-1/2 RPM dependent

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clutch roto sheave with A and B V-groove combinations for parallel shaft drive applications

CRP Clutch-Roto Sheave

  • Mode of Operation: Power ON
  • Static Torque (lb-ft): 8.3 - 145
  • Horsepower: 1/12th to 7-1/3 RPM dependent

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CRS clutch roto sprocket with chain connections

CRS Clutch-Roto Sprocket

  • Mode of Operation: Power ON
  • Static Torque (lb-ft): 8.3 - 145
  • Horsepower: 1/12th to 7-1/3 RPM dependent

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Use Cases for Stearns Shaft Mounted Clutches

Stearns shaft mounted clutches are designed to mount onto a wide range of standard motor shaft sizes, through shafts, sheaves, and sprockets, for safe and efficient starting and stopping of inertial loads when voltage is turned on. 

They are used in various coupling applications, including CCC Clutch-Coupling, CRP Roto Sheave Clutch, CRS Roto Sprocket Clutch & CTS Through-Shaft Clutch. The compact CCC Clutch-Coupling offers a high torque-to-size ratio meeting a broad range of applications. CRP Roto Sheave Clutches are a one piece and pre-aligned integral sheave for quick, convenient installation and maintenance. The CRS roto-sprocket clutch is an ideal solution for almost any parallel shaft drive application. CTS through-shaft clutches offer a high torque-to-size ration in an economical unit that meets a broad range of applications.

Stearns Shaft-mounted clutches can be ordered as a standard dc unit, with the option of a separate rectifier (see
page 47 for information on rectifier packages), or as a Tor-ac unit which has a built-in rectifier. 


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