CRS clutch roto sprocket with chain connections

CRS Clutch-Roto Sprocket: Clutches for Parallel Shaft Drive Applications with Chain Connections

Features & Benefits

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An ideal solution for almost any parallel shaft drive application, this unit has been proven in thousands of applications.

  • This one piece, pre-aligned unit has a special adapter hub that accepts a plate-type sprocket
  • Installation and maintenance are quick and convenient
  • Available in four sizes, from 100 lb-in through 1740 lb-in nominal static torque

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Mode of Operation Power ON
Static Torque (lb-ft) 8.3 - 145
Horsepower 1/12th to 7-1/3 RPM dependent
Attributes Some limited sized Sprockets are available for assmebly onto clutch at Factory - Inquire

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