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Brakes & Switches for Food & Beverage Processing Equipment

Spring-Set Brakes & Starter Switches for Electric Food Industry Motors

The food and beverage sector must produce consumable goods at scale without compromising sanitation standards. The production process required prior to distribution demands high-powered, high-performance equipment that reduces energy costs and downtime while guaranteeing product safety in both wet and dry applications.

Stearns offers a line of washdown duty brakes ideal for industrial baking equipment along with a range of other food and beverage processing and packaging machinery.

Our stainless steel enclosure brakes inherently have higher hygienic qualities than other types of brake enclosures due to their non-porous composition, making them ideal for food and beverage applications.

Types of Foodservice Equipment Brakes

Stearns provides a range of electric motor brakes for commercial food and beverage equipment. Commercial food processing plants typically depend on servo motors to run various positioning or cycling processes, and our spring-set servo motor brakes offer low backlash and have corrosion-resistant finishes for safe food handling.

We also manufacture coupler brakes designed to couple a standard C-face motor and gearbox for in-line industrial applications. Coupler brakes are crucial for controlling the speed of heavy machinery used in food and beverage production, including industrial mixers, grinders, crushers and extruders, and can also be retrofitted into units that lack braking capability. Coupler brakes are also used in food and beverage packaging equipment such as fillers, sealers and labeling machines, to ensure precise and controlled operations.

Various modifications, including stainless steel external hardware, motor gasket, metric machining, internal space heater, special paint options including a white epoxy finish coat and more, are available for many brakes in our catalog. We can also design custom motor brakes meeting the requirements of your application.

Types of Switches for Foodservice Equipment

Stearns motor start switches for commercial restaurant equipment are designed to work with a wide variety of kitchen and catering equipment and parts. All of our solid-state switches are manufactured to power industrial kitchen equipment and appliances on and off with ease or make adjustments to heavy-duty power sources. The below switch types can be used by bakeries, diners, pizzarias, cafes, fast food joints, ice cream parlors and upscale restaurants:

Our electronic switches extend the life and reliability of motors used in food and beverage processing machinery as well as commercial kitchen equipment. Designed especially for high-cycling and/or "dirty" environments, our sealed switches are fast and easy to install and replace, minimizing downtime.

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Food & Beverage Commercial Brake Systems

Stearns provides end-to-end braking solutions for a comprehensive range of commercial food and beverage facility equipment to extend shelf life and increase distribution speed while preserving food and beverage quality. Our motor brakes, coupler brakes and starter switches can be used in:

Find Motor Brakes for Commercial Food & Beverage Equipment

SAB 56,000 Series motor brake for foodservice equipment

SAB 56,000 Series

SAB 56,200 Series motor brake for beverage equipment

SAB 56,200 Series

SAB 56,700 Series coupler brake for food processing equipment

SAB 56,700 Series

SAB 56,900 Series motor brake with stainless steel enclosure

SAB 56,900 Series

SAB 81,000 Series motor brake for food and beverage industry equipment

SAB 81,000 Series

SAB 82,000 Series motor brake for food and beverage processing equipment

SAB 82,000 Series

SAB 87,000 Series motor brake for commercial foodservice equipment

SAB 87,000 Series

SAB 87,700 Series coupler brake for food industry equipment

SAB 87,700 Series

electric motor start switches for foodservice equipment


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