Industrial Clutches


Super-Mod® Clutches

Super-Mod® clutches are designed to increase flexibility and reliability. Super-Mod® clutches come in clutch-brake, clutch only or brake only configurations.

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Heavy-Duty Clutches

Offered in both spring engaged (power-off) and electrically engaged (power-on) platforms.

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Power-On Shaft-Mounted Clutches

Thru-shaft mounted unit with bearing supported stationary field. Provides clutching function for two parallel shafts when sheave or sprocket is installed.

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Use Cases for Industrial Clutches

Stearns industrial clutches are designed to engage and disengage power transmission from a drive shaft to a driven shaft. They are used in various material handling and packaging applications including Super-Mod®, shaft-mounted, and heavy-duty clutches. Super-Mod® comes in clutch and brake, clutch only, or brake only configurations. Heavy-duty clutches come in both spring-engaged and electrically-engaged platforms. Shaft-mounted clutches start and stop inertial loads when voltage is turned on, and are designed to mount on standard motor shafts. 

How to Select the Right Clutch Type

The first step in selecting a clutch or brake is to determine the configuration required. Unit type is determined by the
function to be accomplished.

Difference Between Clutches & Couplings 


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