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Brakes for the Material Handling Industry

The Advantage of Partnering with Stearns

Material handling operations face the constant challenge of increasing production output without jeopardizing quality and dependability. Moving consumer goods fast without sacrificing machinery downtime means investing in highly efficient motors, motor brakes and power transmission components for the conveyor belts that drive large scale production processes across a plethora of industries including: Food & Beverage, Mining, Automotive, Packaging and more.

Stearns offers a breadth of motor brakes for conveyors and belts that provide bulk material handling systems to exert precise control over short distance movements, protection and storage of materials within warehouses and distribution centers. Conveyor brakes from Stearns provide reliable braking that can support heavy load weights even in the event of a power failure or electricity outage allowing conveyors located in fully-automated facilities or individual belt machines to run efficiently with minimal equipment downtime that material handling plants depend on to remain competitive in their market.

Types of Motor Brakes for the Material Handling Industry

Stearns’ high-performance marine brakes help control the motions of any piece of heavy-duty maritime machinery that helps with ocean transport or fluvial transport with minimal downtime and maximum equipment protection.

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Conveyor Brake System Solutions

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Stearns provides end-to-end braking solutions for horizontal, downhill and uphill conveyor applications that help maintain
tension, balance and traction for belt operation by helping to avoid the conveyor of running backwards and supporting
positive-negative and zero torque loads independent of load size.

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AAB 322 Series

Small Gear 32 Series

AAB 322 Series

C-Face 33 Series

AAB 330 Series

Metric / IEC 33 Series



SAB 48,000 Series

SAB 48,000 Series

SAB 56,000 Series

SAB 56,000 Series

SAB 56,700 Series

SAB 56,700 Series

SAB 56,700 Series

SAB 87,000 Series