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industrial packaging machinery with electric motor brakes

Brakes & Clutches for Industrial Packaging Machines

Spring-Set Power-Off Electric Motor Brakes for the Packaging Industry

Stearns manufactures a wide range of durable brakes meeting the varied criteria of many different packaging applications. Our industrial packaging equipment brake lineup has options for servo motors, AC and DC small gear motors and linear motors, including both NEMA C-face and metric frame mounting configurations.

Cost-Effective Motor Braking Systems for Packaging Equipment Manufacturers

Stearns’ high-performance brakes are ideal for both custom and standard packaging machines used to fill, wrap, weigh, preserve and distribute consumer goods. Our brakes are ideal for all different types of packaging machines including robotic, semi-automatic and manually operated motorized equipment, thanks to value-adding features developed by the Stearns engineering team:

Power-Off Safety 
Stearns power-off brakes are spring-engaged and electrically released. The brake immediately engages if the power source is lost or the engine stops, prioritizing the safety of workers and neighboring equipment.

Compact Package
Stearns manufactures precise and reliable motor brakes delivering high performance in a compact and lightweight package, making them perfect for packaging machines with spatial restrictions.

Double D Friction Discs
DD shafts fit these brakes directly without a brake hub or shaft keyway which simplifies installation, assembly and maintenance.

Adjustable Torque
Adjustable torque enhances the versatility, precision control and energy efficiency of packaging applications. Adjusting the brake torque can also reduce wear and tear on other machine components, reducing maintenance costs and improving productivity.

Universal Mounting
Some of our packaging equipment brakes can be mounted in any position without modification, making them compatible with a broad range of machinery and allowing brakes to be positioned in the optimal location for performance and maintenance.

Splined Hub
A precision splined hub offers increased torque transmission, smoother engagement and disengagement, better heat dissipation, reduced slippage and is well-suited for high-performance applications requiring robust, dynamic braking capability.

Our packaging equipment brakes offer many other purposeful features found in the product specifications for each brake type listed below. All Stearns brakes are designed for ease of installation and simplified assembly for seamless OEM integration.

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Packaging Brake System Solutions

Stearns provides end-to-end braking solutions ideal for packaging equipment used in high-cycle applications, including:

Find a Packaging Equipment Brake

AAB 320 Series packaging equipment brake

AAB 32 Series NEMA

AAB 322 automatic shrink wrapping equipment brake

AAB 32 Series Metric

AAB 322 Series automated filling equipment brake

AAB 33 Series NEMA

AAB 330 Series capping equipment brake

AAB 33 Series Metric

SAB 56,000 Series vacuum packaging equipment brake

SAB 48,000 Series

SAB 56,000 Series blister packaging equipment brake

SAB 56,000 Series

SAB 56,700 Series shock mount packaging equipment brake

SAB 56,700 Series

SAB 65,300 Series case packing equipment brake

SAB 65,300 Series

SAB 82,000 Series palletizing equipment brake

SAB 82,000 Series

SAB 82,300 Series cartoning equipment brake

SAB 82,300 Series

SAB 82,300 Series industrial sealing equipment brake

SAB 82,300 Series Foot Mounted

SAB 87,000 Series industrial labeling equipment brake

SAB 87,000 Series


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