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drawworks equipped with brake system

Brakes for the Oil & Gas Industry

Spring-Set Motor Brakes for Drawworks Rigs

The gas and oil industry is made up of a variety of complex business sectors including exploration and production, refining and processing, transportation, oilfield services and more. These energy market industries present some of the most difficult challenges for electric brakes in both onshore and offshore applications.

Heavy-Duty Braking Systems for Safe Operation in Severe Environments

Stearns brakes are built to sustain harsh conditions caused by the elements and naturally hazardous working environments that accompany petroleum drilling, production and refinement operations. Our industrial brakes are manufactured in compliance with ISO, UL and ABS standards to ensure safety and optimal uptime.

Industrial-Grade Brakes with High Thermal Capacity

Heat dissipation is another crucial consideration for the energy sector, where applications often have high ambient temperatures and cycle rates. Enclosure type and mounting position will affect the heat dissipation capability (thermal rating) of Stearns brakes. All sources of heat should be evaluated when determining the thermal requirements of the system for which the brake is selected. Find thermal capacity ratings by series in our digital brake catalog.

Disc Brakes for Oilfields & Offshore Platforms

Spring-set motor brakes are used for braking and holding on cranes, hoists, winches and jackup rigs. Lifting equipment components on any off-shore drawworks or workover rig and motion control systems on jackup rigs must be engineered to combat long-term damage from corrosive saltwater, sand, hazardous debris, extreme heat and other harsh conditions inherent in the oil and gas industry.

Stearns brakes and starter switches are found in a wide range of oil and gas jackup rig equipment including:

Oil Jackup Rig Brakes

For over 40 years, Stearns brakes have been successfully used worldwide to meet some of the offshore drilling industry's biggest challenges. Stearns brakes are built to meet application demands that include performance, efficiency and longevity needs in challenging environmental conditions. That is why offshore rig manufactures trust Stearns customizable brakes in their jackup systems to ensure the safety of crews and equipment.

Stearns 82,000 Series solenoid actuated (SAB) brakes are designed to meet the demands of jackup rigs with torque up to 440 lb-ft and a self-adjusting design in an IP 56 cast or ductile iron enclosure. Strategically engineered gaskets prevent water seepage into the brake while a 115 VAC 50W space heater combats condensation buildup to prolong brake life. The 82,000 Series also features a deadman side release and a brake position indicator allowing safe observation when the brake is set or released.

ALL Gas & Oil Brake System Solutions

Stearns provides end-to-end braking solutions for industrial oil and gas applications that depend on frequent lifting and transferring of heavy loads of petroleum and other fossil fuels from marine vessels, barges and other offshore floating structural platforms that need to be raised and lowered.

SAB 82,000 Series brake for oil rig

SAB 82,000 Series

SAB 82,000 explosion proof brake for oilfield

SAB 82,300 Series

SAB 82,000 foot mounted brake

SAB 82,300 Series Foot Mounted

SAB 86,000 Series drawworks brake

SAB 86,000 Series

SAB 87,000 Series oilfield disc brake

SAB 87,000 Series

SAB 87,300 Series motor brake

SAB 87,300 Series Foot Mounted

SAB 87,300 Series disc brake

SAB 87,300 Series

starter switches for motorized gas and oil industry equipment


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