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Brakes for the Oil & Gas Industry

The Advantage of Partnering with Stearns

The Gas and Oil industry is made up of a variety of complex business sectors. These industries all present some of the most difficult challenges for electric brakes in both onshore and offshore scenarios.

Stearns brakes are built to sustain harsh conditions caused by the elements and naturally hazardous working environments that accompany petroleum drilling, production, and refinement operations. Our versatile offering of industrial brakes are manufactured in compliance with national mining standards and provide safety and optimal uptime.

Types of Motor Brakes for the Gas & Oil Industry

On any oil rig, spring-set motor brakes are located on cranes, hoists, and jackup rigs. While petroleum production process demands involvement from heavy-duty machinery including: tanks, heat exchangers, air coolers, evaporators, and cooling towers, lifting equipment parts on any oil rig must be able to prevent long-term damage from saltwater, sand, hazardous debris, extreme heat and other harsh weather conditions characteristic of the oil and gas industry.

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Gas & Oil Brake System Solutions

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Stearns provides end-to-end braking solutions for industrial oil and gas applications that depend on frequent lifting and
transferring of heavy loads of petroleum and other fossil fuels from marine vessels, barges, and other offshore floating
structural platforms that need to be raised and lowered.

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SAB 82,000 Series

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