General Purpose NEMA C-Face Motor Brakes

General purpose NEMA C-face brakes help hold and inhibit motion for heavy mechanical loads and are used in tandem with NEMA C-face motors. 

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Stearns double C-face coupler brake

Double C-Face Coupler Brakes

Double C-face coupler brakes are designed to provide maximum versatility, allowing you to add a brake to a C-face motor with a single shaft extension. They are ideal for adding to existing equipment without having to replace the motor.

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Non-Drive End NEMA C-Face Brakes

Non-drive end motor brakes are brakes that are mounted on the non-drive end of the motor making them ideal for industrial environments that require more space or motor systems that rely on a set of specific braking system criteria.

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General Purpose C-Face Motor Brakes

Use Cases for a General Purpose C-Face Motor Brake

General purpose C-face motor brakes are manufactured in line with the American mechanical standards set by National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and are designed to support physical stress implicated by mechanical loads and hard-to-start, high-inertia loads. Typical applications for general purpose motor brakes typically include: 

How does an industrial C-Face brake work? 

Stearns general purpose C-face brakes use both rotating and stationary friction discs to stop and hold motor shafts and gearboxes for efficient spring-set, fail-safe braking. They’re built specifically to mount on NEMA C-face electric motors in industrial applications without any special alignment procedures. 

Benefits of Stearns C-Face Brakes

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Agriculture | Cement & Aggregate | Crane & Hoist | Food & Beverage | Forestry | Forklifts | Gas & Oil | Marine | Material Handling | Medical | Mining | Packaging | Special Vehicle Market | Water Processing

Products Similar to General Purpose C-Face Brakes

For corrosion-resistant C-face brakes for offshore and military applications such as shipboard cranes, anchor winches and windlasses, find marine duty motor brakes that are designed, produced and distributed in line with metric and NEMA governing standards for marine electrical equipment.

Stearns manufactures a complete line of fail-safe industrial disc brakes in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC). Explosion proof brakes for motors and hazardous duty disc brakes provide employee and facility protection from combustible gases or ignitable dusts in rigorous industrial environments that require additional measures of system safety precautions.

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