Marine, Maritime & Navy Brakes

Marine industry brakes are designed with a power released spring set brake style in accordance with military specification  and are suitable for shipboard, coast guard and severe duty applications when ductile iron enclosures are required.

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Stearns Non-Drive End Brakes

Non-Drive End

Brakes that are mounted on the non-drive end of the motor.

Stearns offers three types of non-drive end brakes for water-based industrial applications: 

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Marine Duty Motor Brakes 

Use Cases for C-Face Marine Motor Brakes

C-Face marine motor brakes are commonly used on various marine applications for offshore and military applications including: 

What is the Non-Drive End of a Motor? 

The drive end of a typical AC or DC motor, also known as the “shaft end,” functions to bear a load; whereas, the non-driving end of an industrial AC or DC motor, also referred to as “the front end,” or, “the outboard end,” is primarily responsible for carrying the coupling of driving pulley.

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Products Similar to C-Face Marine Motor Brakes

Stearns manufactures all-purpose, spring-set NEMA C-Face brakes to mount horizontally or vertically on standard NEMA C-Face motors used in a wide variety of industrial applications and adhere to a range of conveyor torque requirements including non-dynamic use cases. All general purpose C-Face brakes are treated with corrosive resistant paint and serve as a trusted alternative or replacement for traditional AC brake modules. 
Protect oil and gas workers against fatal working conditions found frequently in connection with underground mining through explosion-proof motor brakes and hazard-proof disc brakes. These C-Face brakes are manufactured in accordance with The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) to achieve optimal health and safety levels.

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