Stearns Announces Updated Product Line


We are pleased to announce significant improvements to our regulatory processes have been made while simplifying to a single agency. Stearns SAB product line will now be certified under UL (via cULus and cURus). cULus and cURus are approval types from UL stating recognition of evaluation to US and Canadian safety requirements. Additional noticeable changes include customer-facing nameplates which will provide more pertinent information such as IP Rating and Enclosure Type.

Proprietary coil design and standardized manufacturing processes are core competencies that have set Stearns apart from off-the-shelf suppliers for over a century. For that reason, Stearns is proud to announce we are raising the standard of all our SAB product line coils from Class 130(B) to Class 180(H) rated insulation systems. The manufacturing change from encapsulation to injection molded processes* means that standard coils will now be capable of withstanding temperatures up to 38% higher than previous offerings while reducing coil-strength variance. Associated plunger guide offerings have also been standardized from metal to engineered polymer. Combined with a simplified and easier-to-select portfolio, the overall coil design is now more consistent and robust.

To look up compatible coils and new kit numbers, please reference our coil kit converter.

For any questions or more information, please contact your local sales representative.

*Note: Contracted or proven regulatory required applications may continue to receive encapsulated coils on a case-by-case basis approved by management.