General Purpose Metric Mounted Motor Brakes

Stearns provides a pre-engineered line of metric mount motor brakes in accordance with traditional brake standards.

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metric mount motor brakes with non-drive end attachments

Non-Drive End (NDE) Metric Mount Motor Brakes

Brakes that are mounted on the non-drive end of the motor.

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Metric Mount Motor Brakes for General Use 

Use Cases for General Purpose Metric Mount Motor Brakes

Stearns provides a pre-engineered line of metric mount motor brakes in accordance with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. They aid a range of rotational force requirements with torque support spanning from 3 to 300 lb-in making them ideal for indoor applications that require rapid stopping and holding actions such as: door operators or equipment rollback prevention. 

How do general purpose metric mount motor brakes work? 

High-performance metric mount motor brakes are a type of industrial disc brake that attach directly to the non-drive end of an IEC metric motor. This provides increased levels of speed, efficiency, and horsepower in settings that rely on the daily use of scaled assembly line operations that rely on heavy duty equipment. 

General Purpose Metric Mount Motor Brake vs. All-Purpose NEMA C-Face Motor Brake

The largest difference between a metric mount motor brake and a NEMA C-Face spring-set brakes is that metric mounted brakes are intended for metric motors. Unlike traditional industrial engines, metric motors require specific metric tools to properly build, repair, or optimize them. In addition to this, the cylinders located within a metric engine are measured using the metric system units (liters or cubic centimeters). This makes metric motors and metric mount brakes an ideal combination for streamlining efficient electric processes carried out by machichery in the textile industry for cutting, measuring, fabricating, coloring, and scaling production of fabrics and other woven and non-woven materials. 

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To meet productivity goals and the ergonomics requirements in a marine, maritime, or  U.S. Navy setting, use corrosion-resistant, marine duty C-Face brakes to promote optimal brake system protection in shipboard cranes, anchor winches, windlasses and more. 

Stearns manufactures all-purpose, spring-set NEMA C-Face brakes that are offered from 56C to 256TC/UC sizes that mount directly to standard C-Face motors and gear reducers making them ideal for a variety of common industrial applications that require conveyor belts, pumps, compressors and more. 

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