Non-Drive End (NDE) Metric Mount Motor Brakes

Metric mount motor brakes with non-drive end attachments inhibit motion with fast response times and can be easily hooked up to the non-drive end of range of industrial metric motor frame and shaft sizes.

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330 Product-Image

AAB 33 Series

  • NEMA Frame: 48C – 405 USC
  • IEC Frame: 72 - 278
  • Torque (lb-in): 3 - 300
  • Nm: .4 - 400
  • Enclosure: Open Enclosre
  • IP Rating: 54 Option Available

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Quite Brakes Product-Image

Quiet Brakes

  • Torque (lb-in): 25 - 300
  • Nm: .34 - 447
  • IP Rating: 43, 56

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Thin Profile Brake Product-Image

Thin Profile Brakes

  • Torque (lb-ft): 42, 84
  • Nm: 57, 114
  • IP Rating: 56

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Metric Mount Motor Brakes with Non-Drive End Attachment

Use Cases for Non-Drive End Metric Mount Motor Brakes

Stearns manufactures a line of metric mount motor brakes that easily attach to the non-drive end of a motor and start and stop motor-powered machinery. Designed with metric measurements intact, as opposed to imperial measurements (inches) used to quantify shaft diameter and threaded hole size of, for example, any NEMA C-Face industrial brake, metric mount motor brakes are produced in a range of compact shapes depending on system spacing requirements and are offered in out-of-the-box designs that specifically deliver a smooth quiet torque fit for industrial HVLS fans where high-efficiency operations warrant a noiseless environment. Each of these non drive end metric mount brakes belongs to one of our armature actuated brakes series.

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