Tire Press Brakes

Stearns developed these brakes specifically for tire press manufacturing plants to meet specific application challenges including high ambient temperature, high inertia load and steam leaks in the tire manufacturing process. Design features include:

  • Splined heavy-duty hub
  • Specialty friction disc designed for higher operating temperature & high-inertia loads
  • Cast iron endplate
  • Internal manual release
  • Housing nut O-rings
  • Sealed manual release hole in housing
  • IP 54 or 56 rating

Stearns SAB 87,P00 Series tire press brake

SAB 87,P00 Series

  • NEMA Frame: 284TC/UC - 286TC/UC
  • Torque (lb-ft): 50 - 125
  • Nm: 68 - 170
  • IP Rating: 54, 56
  • Enclosure: UL Type 1

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Stearns SAB 87,T00 Series tire press brake

SAB 87,T00 Series

  • NEMA Frame: 182TC/UC - 256TC
  • Torque (lb-ft): 10 - 125
  • Nm: 14 - 170
  • IP Rating: 54, 56
  • Enclosure: UL Type 1

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Case Study: New Brake Design for Tire Press Machine

A tire manufacturing customer approached Stearns to develop a new brake for their tire press application to increase the interval before required maintenance of the system.

Problem: Standard Brakes Require Frequent Maintenance

Due to the high ambient temperature in the manufacturing plant and the high inertia load, standard friction brake materials were wearing too quickly and required frequent maintenance. Additionally, the pressurized steam forced water into the brake and caused premature corrosion of brake components.

Solution: Unique Friction Material & Housing

To overcome these challenges, Stearns developed a new high-temperature friction disc material able to withstand the high temperatures and high inertia load, significantly decreasing the wear rate. Stearns also designed a new IP 54/56 housing (IP 56 with motor gasket) to prevent steam and water intrusion inside the brake.

Result: A New Standard for Tire Press Machine Braking

The new brake design successfully increased the time before required maintenance—even exceeding our customer’s expectations. The Stearns tire press brake is now widely used in tire plants across the United States. Benefits include:

Stearns is committed to continuous improvement and putting our customers first. Explore tire press brakes by motor size above, or contact Stearns application support to request assistance from our team.