11 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Motor Brake

mistakes to avoid when choosing a motor brake

WEBINAR: 11 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Motor Brake

Recorded:March 24, 202041:29 min

Selecting a motor brake that meets the requirements of an application is an important step in guaranteeing best-fit performance and life of the unit. With so many motor brake options on the market today, understanding the specifications of an application can be the difference between best-in-class performance and breakdowns, shortened service life and unscheduled maintenance.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • How to calculate brake torque for your application
  • How to determine thermal capacity requirements
  • When to increase IP rating due to the environment
  • What electrical considerations to account for
  • Where to mount your brake
  • Special modifications to consider

Taking these application parameters into consideration, along with following the factory recommended maintenance schedule, will save on time/money and ensure proper performance.

Key Takeaways

  • Gain insight into torque and thermal capacity
  • Understand environmental and power supply considerations
  • Learn the importance of motor and brake compatibility
  • Gain insight into special application considerations

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