Stearns SAB 87,T00 Series tire press brake

SAB 87,T00 Series: Tire Press Brakes for Motor Frame Sizes 182TC - 256TC

Features & Benefits

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  • Splined Heavy Duty Hub
  • Specialty Designed Friction Disc - For Higher Operating Temperature & High Inertia Loads
  • Cast Iron Endplate
  • Internal Manual Release
  • Housing Nut O-Rings
  • Sealed Manual Release Hole in Housing

hero detail
NEMA C-Frame 182TC - 256TC
Torque (lb-ft) 10 - 125*
Torque (Nm) 68 - 170
Enclosure UL Type 1
Attributes *Please note that the 125 lb-ft option is ONLY available for holding applications.
Additional Options IP Rating: 54, 56

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